The easiest form of company to incorporate in Nepal is, private limited. No

minimum capital requirement, only a single person as shareholder and director. • Decide the company name, make sure that the company name fulfill the guidelines so that it won't get rejected by office of company

registrar. Company name requires to be written in both Nepali and

English language.

• Check online if the company name is available,

• Apply for the company name online.

• You'll get notified by email in 7-10 days about the name approval.

• My experience about selecting the company name - while registering D3 Mill in Nepal, two names were rejected. D3 Mill Pvt. Ltd. was rejected because it has number in name and D Three Mill Pvt. Ltd. was rejected because it's nepali equivalent ( A AST) was not same as English name (D can't be written as , it had to be D.). The finally approved name is D. Three Mill Pvt. Ltd. (t. eft a ai), for branding D3 Mill.

• Once the name is approved, some documentation is required. Along with the share structure, capital structure, citizenship certificates some forms requires to be filed up. The company registration fee is decided by authorized capital, which is around 10000 NPR for authorized capital of less than 2.5 Million NPR(25 lakh).

• Taking a lawyer service to incorporate a new company is also time efficient solution. It'll cost about 10k-15k NPR for lawyer which usually includes documentation cost and legal suggestions about PAN/ VAT/ office address/ office rent tax etc issues.

Apply for PAN (Personal Account Number) and VAT Number also (may not be required based on annual turnover of company type of business etc). Don't forget to print 'pan number plate' and 'invoices with pan number'. Stick the pan plate in visible place of company entrance, it's illegal to not have pan number plate visible and tax officer can fine the business instantly.