Tehrathum Hydropower's IPO Result on Wednesday?

The IPO for sale by Tehrathum Power Company Limited is set to be distributed this week.

According to the information given by the sales manager NIBL ACR Capital, the distribution is being prepared on Wednesday with the permission of Nepse on Tuesday. Even if permission is not obtained today, the work has moved forward so that it can be distributed by Thursday.

The company had made public 400,000 shares for the project-affected people. This number is 10 percent of the total capital. Eight lakh shares worth 20 percent or Rs 80 million were sold to the public.

2 percent of the company's total shares were allocated to the company's employees and 5 percent to the collective investment fund, while the remaining 744,000 shares were allocated to the public.

ICRA Nepal has given a grade 4 rating to the ordinary shares that the company is about to issue. The Grade 4 rating shows that the fundamentals of the company are below average. As of September 29, more than 2.3 million people had applied for the company's shares.