Sagun Khadka - A Music Producer

Hello everyone i think everyone of you listen music . Did you ever know the music producers of the song you're listening ? I think many of you know someone who's famous . Did you ever listen the name of Sagun ?

photo source : The kathmandu post

Sagun Khadka is a music producer from nepal . He is famous for his first name Sagun. He is the most streamed artist from nepal in spotify (Spotify is an music app which allows to listen music , Audios & podcasts To The listeners) . He is just 19 years old & achieve This much . He is Big fan of J. cole (Jermaine lamarr cole is an american rapper/ producer).  J.cole also make music of his own rap. sagun inspired from J cole & started making music by watching tutorials from youtube at the age of 17 & he want to make music for j.cole. 

Sagun is an student of multimedia at Islington college , Kathmandu. sagun used to make his music in his bedroom on his computer . he got surprised when he got an email from Apple Inc's Beats 1 Radio Station Saying They Would like to play his track " i'll keep you safe On Air.

Joe kay, the radio host didn't only play sagun's track but later helped him to find a distributor to distribute his tracks to apple music, iTunes and spotify.

Sagun was now signed with the Uk- based Music Distribution company called platoon. platoon also worked with several other independent artists including Billie Eilish, Rex organge county and jorja smith.

Sagun Inspired from J.cole & start making music by watching youtube video tutorials on his computer . Now he has 100k+ subscriber on his YouTube channel , 7k+ followers on his Instagram with verified blue tickmark. He has 1M+ monthly listeners On his Spotify.

Sagun Was an shy and awakard child he spent most of his time in his room in bhaktapur, exploring the internet .He used to spend hours trying to create his own webpages using HTML and play games all night till two or three in the morning.

A guy asked sagun, How much you earn?
he Says "Enough To stay Independent and buy whatever clothes and shoes I want"
       So how much exactly is that in numbers ?
" roughly ,i have made around $30000 this year"he said.

And what do his parents think of them sitting in front of his computer all day, making so much money?
       "My parents, they're really proud of me .they are very supportive.

Most of his listeners are from the US, UK, Germany , Brazil and Canada Nepal doesn't quite figure into that list, as Spotify is not available here .
   Not many people here listen to such tracks, and it's alright" he says. Only Few people know about me. even my classmates at college are unware . My close friends and family know that's enough for me. I'm happy to keep a low profile"

Sagun now Has plans to collaborate with other Artists from platoon and hopefully Someday, make music with his favourite j.cole.

To produce music, sagun use a laptop , a monitor and a set of speakers & he recently got himself a 61-keyboard. That's about it nothing fancy. He use Fl studio software primarily to make misic.

Beat making requires no real musical instruments. everything is done digitally, even if you can't play an instrument or don't know a thing about reading and writing music notation you can make a music with your computer. beat making requires a beat making software in a computer and interest in it.

Thank you for reading.

Source :
The Kathmandu Post
Neos Stuffs